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Something is Wrong With John

Uncategorized Feb 15, 2023

There was an issue with John.  

He was six months into a new role, and not cutting it.  

That’s where I stepped in. His boss, Sarah asked me to help. My job was to coach John in his new leadership role. The consensus was that he had issues with communication. He tended to be negative. He wasn’t much of a leader. I was hired to fix him.  

My specialty is transition. In or out. Exiting the old, embracing the new. Helping execs to skillfully step into the role is complicated. Every situation is unique.  

My job was to transform John into a positive and inspiring leader.  

First, the inquiry.   

I conducted interviews with several people who worked with John. Everyone has an opinion. Opinions are interesting, but not necessarily true. I’m the person you tell. I talked to John, his peers, members of his team, and his boss, Sarah. I listened carefully. This is what I found:  


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How to Regain Control of your career

Uncategorized Oct 20, 2022

There are three ways to take back control when changes at work become unmanageable. 

Improve your current role, learn executive leadership skills, and control your life. 

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How to Think Like a Headhunter and Interview Like an Executive

executive exit Aug 25, 2021

Headhunters make a living placing people just like you. Start acting like a headhunter. Executive interviews are business meetings.  Turn your next interview into a business meeting, not an inquisition. 

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The First 90 Days of Leadership

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2021

The first 90 days in a new job is stressful. It is a critical time, especially for leadership. There are no re-dos. Take your first 90 days seriously and score a fast win for success.

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Communication - A Hard Skill Critical for Success

communication leadership Jul 28, 2020

Unknowingly, He began the day with a slow but steady march to demoralize his team. It began with a bit of arrogance as he poured his coffee; not looking back at the people who he knew were looking at him.  The way that he dismissed input in meetings and focused on the facts. He rarely smiled, a nod perhaps; it was hard to tell if he was pleased or displeased.

He sucked the energy out of a room.

His employees didn’t know how to read him. So, they talked about him. Disgruntled, demoralized employees love to talk.  

Then, everything changed. Business changed.

Reorganization was broad and swift. Bonuses, that had been consistently paid for years were not paid. Job responsibilities and titles were changed, there was a reduction in force.

There is no ‘last in, first out’ credo in the leadership ranks. The higher you go up the ladder, the decision to keep or cut ties with an employee is complicated. It has a great deal to do with leadership style, personality,...

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8 Signs You May Lose Your Job

exit leadership May 28, 2020

Business changes. What happens to you? Have things changed at work? Take a hard look at situations that may be plaguing you right now.

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How to Tell Your Story


What’s Your Story? 

You must be able to communicate who you are to an employer. The only way to get this right is to prepare and practice. Remember that when you land the interview, it is showtime.  Be good to yourself. Don’t wing it. You have one shot. A redo is rare.

Employers are getting better at interviewing. A bad hire costs too much.  The hiring process is a ‘get to know you’. The employer needs to know three things:

  1. Can this person do the job?
  2. Will this person fit in to our culture?
  3. Is this person verifiable?

 Preparing for the Interview Questions

 Situational & Behavioral

 Situational questions are what most interviewees are prepared to answer. The questions are expected.  Situational questions are about your technical ability, your experience doing the job. The ability to explain exactly what you do and how you do it is not as easy as it sounds.


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Positive Communication Techniques

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Business Changes

Uncategorized Jan 19, 2020

Business is about change. Be prepared. 

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