High Performance Leadership



Let's think for a moment about what happens when your organization is forced to downsize. Downsizing is terrifying to everyone in the company. 'Will it be me?',  they fear.  If not now, what about the next round of layoffs? What does that worry and uncertainty do to your organization? Productivity goes down across the board. Recruiters circle.The Goldman Method makes retention a critical part of your overall plans. Our retention program creates an atmosphere of transparency and trust. When trust returns, productivity soars. 




You have the ability to heal hearts. Let's do this together with inspirational, and effective support for the people who served you well. Anyone experiencing the need for outplaceent is hurting. You can help them heal. When you downsize, you are being carefully watched by your remaining employees. Do not let them down. Exhibit positive corporate behavior and high performance culture with outplacement for everyone. 




Empower your leadership team with high performance coaching solutions. When things change, your executive leadership goes through a period of stress. As they try to mitigate the damage and retain their teams, they deserve your support. The Goldman Method's executive coaches know how to motivate in times of extreme stress. We give your executives confidence when they need it most. We profide tools they can use to motivate and retain their teams.  




Don't expect your new employees to know anything. They were successful in their careers. They have a lot to bring to the table. That's why you hired them  How do you support the value that they bring to your organization? Don't expect professionals to engage in your culture in a meaning way without your help. Help them understand you. Help them understand exactly what you need from them, and how they are to deliver the goods. Solid onboarding goes beyond the human resources forms,  the welcome package, and orientation lunch. Teach them and coach them to be an engaged member of the team. 



Executive Outplacement Redefined

Goldman Method executive outplacement is a highly respectful and brutally honest program that transitions executives to the next step in their careers.  

Beyond traditional outplacement, we offer marketing services both by recruiters, and professional marketers.

Executive Level Marketing

Our professional recruiters strategically market executives during transition. This multi pronged effort provides an opportunity for the executive to meet with the right people. We also provide administrative assistant support, and appointment scheduling. 

Executive Messaging

What is the transition message? How does this transition effect the organization? What is the plan to move forward? Messaging at the time of transition is critical to the health of the organization. High profile executives are loved, hated, respected and criticized all at once. Control the narrative. 

Creating an  Emotionally Mature, Transparent, and Highly Engaged Workplace

Most people are doing the best they can. Teach them to do better with coaching and leadership training support.

High Impact Executive Coaching

Individual coaching for executives. Our executive leadership coaches have the tools and experience to bring out the leadership qualities that each person has learned along the way. Executives learn and grow as they tackle problems and enormous stress. New insights are created through socratic thinking.

Our coaches are on call for the executive, available when issues arise.  

High Impact Group Coaching

Does your team meeting end on an inspirational note? Or, are you ticked off? It's time to get real about groups, people, and what's getting in the way of success. 

Our High Impact group coaching teaches the team to treat conflict as an avenue for growth. The focus on emotional maturity and personal growth helps the team to propel forward. 

Coaching programs are crafted for individual teams and objectives.