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How to Tell Your Story


What’s Your Story? 

You must be able to communicate who you are to an employer. The only way to get this right is to prepare and practice. Remember that when you land the interview, it is showtime.  Be good to yourself. Don’t wing it. You have one shot. A redo is rare.

Employers are getting better at interviewing. A bad hire costs too much.  The hiring process is a ‘get to know you’. The employer needs to know three things:

  1. Can this person do the job?
  2. Will this person fit in to our culture?
  3. Is this person verifiable?

 Preparing for the Interview Questions

 Situational & Behavioral

 Situational questions are what most interviewees are prepared to answer. The questions are expected.  Situational questions are about your technical ability, your experience doing the job. The ability to explain exactly what you do and how you do it is not as easy as it sounds.


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Positive Communication Techniques

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