The Exit Plan 

Use the leverage that you have to discreetly get what you want 

The leverage of employment provides the opportunity to effectively negotiate your next role. 

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You Have Options

Business is either changing or dying. Change may be good, but difficult. What to do? 

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Has the Situation Worsened?

How do you know when you are at risk? Discreet, and executive level strategies when you need them.

Is your job at risk?

You Can Take Control

Things won't change without a strategy. Develop a strategy, and watch your life change. 

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Get Out of Your Bubble

Look around. Yes, there is opportunity. All you have to do is look. 

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Let's Discuss an Exit Plan

Don't quit without an exit plan. Discreetly network and use headhunter techniques to land your next role.

Resigning in a moment of frustration is never a good idea. Be careful, precise. Know your next move.

Barbara Goldman offers free strategy sessions to help you make sense of it all. 

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