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The Exit Plan

Don't Quit.

Without an Exit Plan

Do not resign from your job in haste. Take time to think, plan, and protect your career. Begin your a search for your new role. Use discretion, and have a clear plan for success.  

Search for your next role before submitting your notice. Give yourself a fresh start using executive search techniques.

Is Your Boss a Jerk?

Don't Quit. Do something better for yourself. When your resignation letter is in one hand, make sure an offer letter is in the other. 

Give yourself the gift of The Exit Plan. You are more valuable on the job market when you are employed.  Use the leverage to find the role you deserve. 

The Exit Plan

Three steps to landing your next leadership role. 

1. Uncovering hidden openings - networking.

2. Interviewing using advanced techniques that work to impress interviewers, clarify your message, and land offers

3. Negotiating your total compensation and incentives. Salary is one aspect of the compensation package. What to negotiate and when. How to get what you want without nixing the offer. 

Is the Culture Toxic?

Can you fix it? 

Or is it time to find the culture that encourages transparency and trust? 

Yes, that's a real thing. 

Exit Plan Programs

Think Like a Headhunter

Know the market, research opportunities, network, apply, and interview with High Performance leadership tools and techniques.

Barbara Goldman

Barbara has a unique coaching practice, she works with executives who are interested in taking the next career step.

Her program, Executive Exit; focuses on helping executives access market opportunity and build successful careers. Over thirty year's experience in executive search has given her a unique perspective. Her clients 'Think Like a Headhunter - Interview Like an Executive'.

A successful transition from one role to another is complicated. Barbara's  clients learn to maneuver the finer points of office politics as they exit, and salary negotiation techniques before stepping into the new role. Career moves matter, Barbara's clients plan their careers and make calculated moves using a professional headhunter, industry expert approach.

As an RMT graduate coach,  (Tony Robbins, Chloe Madanes) Barbara's coaching uses strategic intervention techniques to bring meaning to work, and to life. By focusing on the client's six human needs, and the manner in which the client satisfies those needs, meaningful and lasting change is achieved. Positive Psychology Coaching techniques help clients understand and appreciate their worth and experience joy. 

Executive Leadership and Communication skills that convey strength, trust, and confidence in the workplace are learned. Rarely is a  natural leader born into a natural leadership opportunity. 

As a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, Barbara conducts group and individual training that increases productivity and overall management effectiveness. 

Leadership techniques are sophisticated tools that are proven to work are part of her program framework. 

A Certified Professional Coach, (CPC) and Certified Addiction Coach (CAC)  she is a member of the International Coach Federation, the globally recognized  coaching standard. 


Preparing to Exit

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