It Starts With Leadership


Take charge of your life. Right now.


Your success didn't fall into your lap. You made it happen. Is it time to move forward with your life and make the next chapter happen?


 If you are at a career lull, a standstill, and feel as if are staring into the abyss, you have options.


 What would your life look like if you took charge?


If you became a respected leader, could you move mountains within your organization? Would it be possible to land a promotion, a raise? 


Are you stuck in a rut in your current role?


What if you used your leadership skills to take charge of your career?   Would your life change if you landed the role you deserve?


 Don't get older waiting . . . Magic doesn't happen by itself. Doing nothing provides more of the same.   


Prepare to move forward. The Goldman Method is career magic.




What is an Executive Agent?



The Exit Plan 7 part overview 

Ed Ahn - Chief Technical Officer

I really love having an experienced consigliere by my side. It’s not very often that I receive counsel that I respect. Barb has given me so much insight into how to manage and leverage organizational and professional relationships.

Lester E - Chief Financial Officer

Barbara Goldman has been instrumental in educating me on leadership, crucial conversations, and the current job market. Barbara has always been available even in urgent situations.  Her experience, professionalism, and calming demeanor have been life-changing for me.  I would not be the leader that I am today without the assistance of Barbara Goldman.

Is the workplace toxic? 

3  Strategies to Consider

Focus on What You Can Control

Focus on what you can control, and improve the situation with proven leadership strategies. Use the right communication skills and executive moves to help the company, and yourself succeed.

Learn How to Lead

Save your job. Learn executive survival techniques that will improve your ability to communicate, handle toxicity, and protect your paycheck. When nothing seems fixable, you can always fix yourself. 

Use Your Leverage - Create an Exit Plan

Recognize the opportunity to make a career leap. Discreetly network and land your next role. Is this culture change a timely opportunity? Perhaps you need a discreet exit plan.

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Oct 06, 2023

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Sep 04, 2023

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