Why Outplacement is Critical to Your Organization


Fear erodes the culture when layoffs are poorly executed




Downsizing? Do the Right Thing

Offer Outplacement Solutions


It's a fact of life that business changes and your staffing needs fluctuate. You can turn this life changing event into a growth opportunity. Do not drop workers on their heads. Offer a kind and responsible alternative to the people who must separate from your employment

Outplacement Solutions for Organizations


Executive Outplacement - From full marketing services to basic support


The Exit Plan - The solution for mid mangement


Group Programs - Help everyone who is terminated, regardless of rank.


Outplacement for Individuals


Executive Agent Program - Designed for executives who need a plan with marketing 


The Exit Plan - Designed for leaders who must quickly find another position.


Group Program - A plan for everyone. Live group sessions in addition to training videos. Learn how to navigate the system, and land a job fast. 

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