The Nightmare - Applying Online and Getting Nowhere

Oct 06, 2023

Are you being ignored? Have you applied online and never heard back?  What happens when you apply for a job that is an exact match for your background? 

Are you applying and then finding an automatic response that looks something like this? 

We have received your application for the position of  ____________.  Your resume and screening answers will be carefully reviewed.  If your experience and skills match the requirements of this position, we will contact you with the next stage in our hiring process.
Or worse, have you applied for a position that you were a dead ringer for, only to receive this nightmare: 
We received a large number of qualified applicants.  At this time, we have decided to move forward with an individual who more closely matches the skills and qualifications required for the role.  We encourage you to visit our Careers site at  periodically to view our latest job postings or to establish a "Job Agent" to be notified when job postings are added

Increased Competition

If you look on LinkedIn, you'll see that some positions, especially for sought after roles, have hundreds of applicants. 
In addition, how many more are submitted through ads on line, job boards, and the corporate website? At least twice as many. 

Early Knock Out

How many candidates are actually interviewed in the first screening round? The answer:  As many as it takes to choose 5 qualified candidates to interview.  

Which means around ten.  Screen ten, schedule 3 - 5 to begin the interview process. 

The remainder of the applicants receive the letter, or hear nothing at all. 

The Answer

Make your resume irresistable to recruiters. Write a resume directed at the job you are applying for, focus on that one job. The recruiter must be able to read your resume and immediatly understand why you should be interviewed. 

Or, you can get lucky. 

Chances are, that you will have as much bad luck as you have good luck. Do not rely on luck. Take the time, apply with thought. 


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