When Your Organization Doesn't Offer Outplacement


If your job is at risk - don't wait. Invest in yourself with executive outplacement.




Is Your Organization Downsizing?

When Business Changes - It's Time to Invest in Yourself


It's a fact of life. When business changes, jobs may be lost. Oftentimes the best people find themselves at risk.  Turn this life changing event into a growth opportunity. Although this may be a challenging time, it is also be a time for growth and career development.  You have options. 



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Lost Your Job? 

If Your Employer Refuses to Help

  Protect Your Future 


Executives are often offered Outplacement as part of an exit package. Everyone else may be left to fend for themselves.


We provide the same services on a sliding scale for individuals who must go it alone during downsizing events.


Fast acting, affordable solutions for professionals who need to land a job fast, and take charge. 


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Outplacement for Professionals

The Goldman Method Propels Your Career Forward


Executive Agent Program - Designed for executives who need a plan with marketing 


The Exit Plan - Designed for leaders who must quickly find another position.


Group Program - A plan for everyone. Live group sessions in addition to training videos. Learn how to navigate the system, and land a job fast. 


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