Executive Strategies to Compete and Take Control

Your career didn't just happen. You planned this. From your educational endeavors to the companies you chose to join. You are where you are because you had a plan. 


High profile positions are often on the chopping block. It's not part of the plan, yet can be an oportunity to forge a new path for growth. 


Our Executive Agent program provides a discreet and impressive method that keeps you in front of the market and in control of your future. 


An Executive Agent is an important aspect to maintaining control of your career. 


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What is an Executive Agent?

Agent   [ey-juhnt ] n.

  • Specializes in Career Management
  • Represents the executive - not the employer
  • Instrumental in landing interviews, executive level interview prep, and compensation negotiations¬†


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The C Suite Answer to Personal Executive Control

Is it time to move on?

Do you need an executive agent? Let's talk about it

Sanjay M - Division President

  Barbara provides valuable and real-time feedback that has professionally helped me in tough situations.  Additionally, she is warm, and friendly and placed you at ease with these situations so I can think clearly.    

Barb has always been available, even at short notice.  So I am able to discuss situations as they arise

Delpha D. - Chief Accountability Officer

I would 110% recommend Barbara as a partner when looking to exit an executive role and enter a new one.  What I had tried to do for a year and a half, I was able to achieve with her in four weeks.  It's like magic.  Super simple, clear advice, with a clear strategy, made all the difference.  It’s absolutely worth it to have a partner in a very competitive market that will help you get noticed, interviewed, and hired.