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Part Two: Interview Preparation

There are no do-overs. 

Congratulations, you have an interview. Are you prepared to answer the hard questions?

Up until now, all the employer knew about you was in the strength of your resume. They haven't heard your voice or experienced your personality. 

What you say during the interview, and how you communicate your worth to the employer is critical.

What you don't say is often more important than what you say. Learn the difference.

Learn to use influence techniques to win over the interviewer. 

Prepare for anything that may happen during the interview. 

  • 6 Sessions
  • Behavioral interviewing 
  • Situational Interviewing
  • Interview Prep and Debrief
  • Communicating with Influence
  • Telling your story
  • Salary Negotiations

Let's get serious. It's showtime. 

After all you went through to snag the interview, it makes sense to prepare. This is your only opportunity to make sure that the employer knows who you are. 

Every interview, from preliminary screening to final interview is important. 

The interview is your chance to sell yourself. It is the only opportunity you have to showcase your personality.

During coaching, you will practice answering the hard questions. Prepare yourself for tricky behavioral interviewing questions, and learn an easy method to clarify your thoughts. Interview with concise and compelling answers. 

It is best to over-prepare. Don't risk a bad performance. 

Remember:  There are no do-overs. 


What People Are Saying:

Helped me with 3 things: 1) Helped or forced me to look at everything from the Hiring Companies perspective that really helped my preparation 2) Develop the approach and process for putting my best foot forward. 3) Provided feedback on areas of improvement without impacting my confidence or motivation

Amit - Global Director Cloud Computing

I really love having an experienced consiglieri by my side. It’s not very often that I receive counsel that I respect. Barb has given me so much insight into how to manage and leverage organizational and professional relationships.

Ed - CEO medical device

Barb helped me with tuning my resume wording and changing it's format to have an "Executive Summary" of my accomplishments/skills on the first page - tailored for each role from a list of accomplishments/skills prepared up front. This new resume has been much more effective in making my applications more competitive. More importantly for me, Barb helped rebuild my confidence in myself that I could be competitive for the roles I wanted, which admittedly was not great when we started again. Whether in sports, or your career, sometimes you just need a coach to help you get past issues that are holding you back, or to help tune your performance in important areas to be more competitive and win. Barb is a great coach. She knows the modern-day hiring marketplace and has helped me immensely.

Eric – VP – Aeronautical Engineering