Is Contingency Recruiting Stressing You Out? 


Recession Proof Your Income


When the market tightens for recruiting, protect your business with additional sources of income.


Goldman Method Partnership 


Why are you stepping over money?


 How many candidates do you interview in order to find the placement? Instead of filing these people away for 'later', create an income stream that benefits you, and the candidate.

Every candidate that you interview is valuable. It's not necessary to place them. You can help them without making a placement.

- Offer the coaching course - Secrets of Headhunters

Your clients are valuable, even when they arent hiring from you. When your client doesn't need you for hiring, what are you going to do? Every client is valuable.

- Offer them outplacement.   They are buying outplacement from someone, it might as well be you. 

If your client is hiring, they may be buying onboarding services. Onboarding is important. Bad onboarding hurts your client, and you the recruiter. 

Protect your placement, and improve your client's retention rate.

- Offer onboarding services. Onboarding secures your placement. Your client's are purchasing onboarding services, let them purchase them from you. 

Does your client need to improve retention? You can offer The Leadership Academy. - Coaching that permeates the organization with a high performance culture. 

Your clients purchase leadership programs, why not from you? 

- Offer the Leadership Academy. Help your client improve productivity by creating a safe and transparent environment. 


Stop stepping over money.

Create additional sources of revenue.


Recruiting is a difficult job. The Goldman Method makes it easier, and more lucrative.

Sign up for the Recruiter's Relief meeting.  Learn how becoming a member of the Goldman Method provides you with exclusive human resources offerings.





Offer Additional Services to Your Clients. Services They Need, and Purchase From Other Companies



Executive Leadership Coaching

Your clients hire executive coaches. Goldman Method recruiters increase revenue with this additional service

Career Coaching

Career coaching is a 12B dollar industry. Seamlessly offer career coaching to the candidates that you can't place.


How can you earn when your clients are not hiring?Are your clients restructuring? Add outplacement services to your offerings. 

Learn How to Provide Retained Services

Goldman Method Recruiters learn how to add retained services. Every week, we conduct a recruiting meet up for contingency recruiters who would like to advance to a retained model. 

The Leadership Academy 

Improve productivity, retention, and employee engagement with The Leadership Academy. Group and individual programs for your clients


When your clients hire, they risk losing 32% of their hires the first year. Onboarding coaching helps retention, and teaches the new employee how to communicate, and work in the new environment