Your greatest investment is in your people. 

 Don't let your competitors steal your greatest assets.



Retention Solutions That Make Sense

Increase retention by creating a culture of high performance. A culture of transparency, trust and high engagement encourages people to think. When your best minds feel empowered, they are highly productive. Your culture matters. People are loyal when they are respected, and encouraged to grow.



Before we begin a coaching program, we need to know the why. 360 degree verbal assessments with the key players. What is the overall problem? What are the issues? What messaging problems do we have? How do we strengthen perception and provide a high performance culture?

Individually Designed Program

Targeted strategy to address what is needed immediately. Leadership issues are addressed. Intensive solutions to solve long term issues. 

Solutions May Include

Executive Coaching

Group Coaching

Culture Transformation - Departmental Focus

The Goldman Method

Hi, I'm Barb Goldman. I spent 30 years in recruiting. I never ran an ad looking for candidates. I worked the old fashioned way, poaching directly from targeted companies.

I couldn't poach them for money. They willingly went along with me if I gave them what they were looking for, relief. Relief from working in a low-performance fear based culture. 

If a candidate hated the boss. Yeah! Placement for me. 

If a candidate didn't have good relationship with team members, Yeah! Placement for me.

If they always left meetings angry due to an overbearing boss, Yeah! Placement for me.

Strong leadership is hard on recruiters. 

That's where I come in. I assist organizations in fostering a high-performance culture that emphasizes transparency and trust—a culture so positive, it's difficult for anyone to consider leaving.



High Performance Coaching

Coaching solutions for your business to help you create a high performance culture. Let's talk. I'll offer a solution. 



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Develop Leaders That Inspire

Leaders aren't born. It is your job as the employer to provide the tools to lead.

If a leader in your organization uses low-performance tactics,don't make the mistake of terminating your best asset. Teach them to lead.

Use the Goldman Method to empower leadership, and create the positive workplace necessary for growth. 

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