Winning the Hiring Game 

The Program Includes:

Winning the Hiring Game Course

  • 62 Lessons and videos
  • Instructions
  • Workbook
  • 30 days, 30 steps 
  • Motivation, encouragement, accountability

Onboarding Strategy Call

  • 15 minute strategy session to get started
  • Develop next steps
  • Get acquainted
  • Goal setting
  • Early win strategy

Classes With Barb 

  • The Living Resume  class
  • Interviewing Answers and Strategies Class
  • 4 Live Classes Offered per month
  • Open mic
  • Individual help
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Barbara Goldman 

Barbara Goldman knows how hiring works. As a leadership coach, she advises high level executives about important interviews that help them land the top jobs.

She knows how companies think, why they hire, and who they hire. 

Now, she is sharing this information with everyone who is seriously looking for a new job. 

Winning the Hiring Game is her 30 day class that teaches you how hiring works from the inside. Knowing how it works gives you an advantage when interviewing and competing for the best jobs.

Her comprehensive program: Winning the Hiring Game includes the course, live classes, and a personal strategy session, was developed over years of real life experience in the world of hiring and human resources. 


Prepare to Win

It's complicated. 

Applying on line - Only to never hear back

Interviewing - Not getting the offer

Dealing with human resource departments that are impossible to reach, and navigating the complicated hiring process once it begins can be like falling into a rabbit hole that ends nowhere. 

Win the hiring game by understanding the game, the strategy, and the players. 

If you are ready to begin the process of changing your job, and bettering your life, Winning the Hiring Game is the one tool you need to find your next role fast. 

Let's do this!


What my clients have to say 

Eric L:  

Dir Strategic Planning Aerospace

Barb helped me with tuning my resume wording and changing it's format   This new resume has been much more effective in making my applications more competitive.

More importantly for me, Barb helped rebuild my confidence in myself that I could be competitive for the roles I wanted, which admittedly was not great when we started again.

 Barb is a great coach.  She knows the modern day hiring marketplace and has helped me immensely.


Ed A: 

CTO Medical Device

I really love having an experienced consigliere by my side. It’s not very often that I receive counsel that I respect. Barb has given me so much insight into how to manage and leverage organizational and professional relationships.

Cal L: 

Director Engagement Management Consulting

 I want to take this opportunity and thank you for the technical help and emotional support you provided me on my journey to get to a better place. Your job market insights are remarkable, and it shows your deep knowledge and experience working in executive recruiting. Thank you for all the tips and techniques. It is practical, helpful and not packed with time wasting fluff. 

 I will stay in touch. I made a great friend.