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Recruiters Secrets - Learn to be Your Own Headhunter

Land Your New Job in Four Weeks or Less

Stop Wasting Your Time!

Have you tried job boards? LinkedIn? Have you applied, and received the "We've gone another direction letter"?  Was it signed by, "The HR Group? 

Good luck with that. No, they aren't keeping you on file for another opportunity.  

The bot made a mistake. You have now been passed over.

Learn how to apply with a resume that will be noticed. If they read it, you have a chance. 

Learn how to act as your own recruiter.

Have you interviewed, but not been offered the job? Does it feel like you are always in second place?  

Stop accepting second place. Interviewing is a learned skill. Learn to interview and win the offer.

Learn to powerfully interview. Turn the interview into a meeting that lands the offer. There are no do-overs. Learn to do it right the first time.

The Class

1. Live meetings - Expert guidance.

  • Individually designed program

  • Solidify your goals 

  • Develop a strategy 

  • Attend classes at your own pace

2. Accelerated Learning: Fast-track your career with a focused, intensive program.

  • Four class topics every week, attend one, or all four. 

3. Video recording of classes, and self-assessment tools.

  • Self-study opportunities.
  • Track progress.
  • Review when convenient. 

4. Community of learners and experts available for ideas and support between live sessions.

  • Help from instructors and students
  • Meeting opportunities
  • Events