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Part One: The Living Resume

Stop applying with the wrong resume!

You have one chance to make a good first impression. 

Are you are applying to jobs that you are clearly qualified for, yet experiencing rejection? This program is for you. 

  • 4 Sessions
  • Career Assessment
  • Resume fix 
  • Job Analysis
  • Applying with The Living Resume
  • Recruiter think
  • Networking
  • Landing the interview

The Living Resume is the  first  step. This program is unique. The resume is written to showcase your talent. It speaks to recruiters and employers. 

When you employ The Living Resume, you are effectively selling your talents. Employers know who you are and what you can bring to the table. 

Your resume is your value proposition. It can't be just like every other resume. It must stand out from the rest. 

With The Living Resume, you will secure more interviews. It is common to double or triple the number of interviews with this program. 

The bottom line:  Additional interviews: Higher chance of landing a job. 

Give yourself a fighting chance. Create a resume that is worthy of you. Land the interview. 

Every time you apply is another chance at success. Put your best foot forward. Your resume is the first impression that the employer has of you.  

You have one chance to make a good first impression. 

What People Are Saying:

Barb helped me with tuning my resume wording and changing it's format to have an "Executive Summary" of my accomplishments/skills on the first page - tailored for each role from a list of accomplishments/skills prepared up front. This new resume has been much more effective in making my applications more competitive. More importantly for me, Barb helped rebuild my confidence in myself that I could be competitive for the roles I wanted, which admittedly was not great when we started again. Whether in sports, or your career, sometimes you just need a coach to help you get past issues that are holding you back, or to help tune your performance in important areas to be more competitive and win. Barb is a great coach. She knows the modern-day hiring marketplace and has helped me immensely.

Eric – VP – Aeronautical Engineering

I really love having an experienced consiglieri by my side. It’s not very often that I receive counsel that I respect. Barb has given me so much insight into how to manage and leverage organizational and professional relationships.

Ed - CEO medical device

Helped me with 3 things: 1) Helped or forced me to look at everything from the Hiring Companies perspective that really helped my preparation 2) Develop the approach and process for putting my best foot forward. 3) Provided feedback on areas of improvement without impacting my confidence or motivation

Amit - Global Director Cloud Computing