Your Exit Strategy  

Is it time to move forward in your career? Do you feel stuck?   

Would you like to know what might be 'out there'?


Before you act, you need a plan. 


Below is a 7-minute video.*
*Warning - it's not Dreamworks, I made it myself. 
The video is about the steps you need to take for a strong exit from your current role, and a high profile entrance into your new role. 
I made a checklist of the steps that are discussed in the video, it will help you get started with a solid strategy. 
I hope this helps you journey toward whatever makes your heart sing. 
Barb Goldman


Create an Exit Strategy 

Download the check list


Is It Time for an Exit  Plan? 

Facing change? Is your job at risk? What are your options?

  1. Stay with your current employer and accept the risk.
  2. Stay with your current employer and discreetly engage in interviewing.
  3. Create a timeline, cast a wide net, begin a hard launch, and find a new job.
  4. Sell hotdogs on the beach
  5. Retire 

Whatever you decide, you need a solid plan of action. 

With  30 years of experience working with executives and high profile contributors during transition, I know how this works. 

The Goldman Method is a compilation of techniques that were learned over the years as I leg wrestled human resources.  Years of working at the executive level, developing succession plans, negotiating compensation packages, and being the fly on the wall when decisions were made, has provided a unique perspective. 

If you are considering a new role, please watch the video, and download the Exit Checklist. 

The checklist will help you make thoughtful decisions about various aspects of preparing to exit. 

 Don't Wait for Good Things to Happen.  Make Them Happen. 

 Let's talk. If you are interested in expert guidance during your next transition, I'm here to help. We'll discuss your current plans, I'll offer ideas and next steps. When you download the exit strategy, I will send an invitation to meet with me. 


Create an Exit Strategy 

Download the check list

Are You Applying Into The Abyss? 

Stop applying the old fashioned way. When you apply to a listed job with your professionally written resume, you are one of hundreds of people applying for the same job with a beautiful, professionally written resume. 

You have to stand out in order to win.  

Does Your Networking Fall on Deaf Ears? 

Depending on the level of job, networking may not give you the results that you expect. 

Your contacts have to be brave to recommend you. What happens if it doesn't work out?

Your contacts often don't know who to reach out to or what to say on your behalf. 

There are better ways to land interviews.

Video Poster Image

The Basics

Competition for the best jobs requires a different way of messaging and a more creative strategy.  You must compete. It's not good enough to be great at what you do. You have to stand out, and have the confidence to go after what you want. 

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Download the Exit Checklist 

Get started today. A solid strategy will get you from here to there.